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April 26 to 29

The Fashion & Design Festival Pop-up Tour is a launchpad for a new generation of designers and artisans that really stood out during a contest that was held during the 17th edition of Montréal Fashion & Design Festival. The pop-up store, which will make its debut at Rockland, will showcase the designs of five winners. This is an initiative, created by Cominar and in collaboration with the Fashion & Design Festival, supports future entrepreneurs and designers by giving them opportunities to promote their brands.


Looking for a timeless, feminine and bold look?


Allcovered represents a major turn in the fashion industry and in Fast Fashion. Designed and manufactured in Quebec City, each piece is created with care and attention to detail. The brand’s focus is on quality, comfort and elegance. Allcovered’s designers do not believe in style ephemerality; they do not categorize the brand’s collections by season. Instead, Allcovered offers timeless pieces, season after season, that will remain mainstays in clients’ wardrobes for years to come. Allcovered also creates exclusive, limited-edition designs. Clients can take advantage of the brand’s tailor-made service, which can adapt clothing models to different silhouettes.


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Luxury ready-to-wear and streetwear fashion straight from the fashion runways


Duy Nguyen is renowned for his haute-couture designs. Praised by fashion critics, DUY is one of Canada’s iconic fashion brands. His creations have, time and again, graced the pages of major fashion magazines around the world, including Vogue Italia, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue USA and Times New York. Renowned for his feminine designs, DUY has just unveiled an affordable unisex clothing line with a younger look that pays tribute to current streetwear styles and cuts. The new line, Duyoorr, brings a unique touch to luxury streetwear that many celebrities are now wearing and fashion runways presenting as being the latest trend.


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Jewelry that is uniquely you.


Horace Jewelry is a young Quebec-based brand that has carved an enviable reputation for itself during the past five years thanks to its unique, diverse and high-end designs. Horace uses an eclectic blend of materials from all over the world. The brand offers delicate, affordable and high-quality jewelry for women and men of all ages. All pieces in Horace’s collections are gold-and silver-plated, made with natural stones and designed in Montreal. Horace creates only exclusive, limited-edition jewelry so that clients can enjoy new designs every month.


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Le Cartel Clothing

Become a part of a new cartel…


As an artistic collective based in Montreal, Le Cartel is dedicated to showcasing the work and styles of each member on fabric. From the Italian word “cartello,” which originally meant a paper sign, to today’s meaning as a label that appears under a work of art, the word “cartel” has always been associated with production and artistic creation. All of Le Cartel’s apparel and designs are produced by screen printing in Montreal. Each piece is unique and reveals its history and the creative process used to design it. Clients can therefore wear a tiny piece of a designer’s story.


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Affordable luxury and design—no secrets


Maguire favours design above all else. Founded by a designer—and not a businessperson—this brand shares the entire design and production process with its client. It’s motto: making beautiful and affordable luxury items. Every piece is high-end—without the high-end prices. Maguire does not try to fit into seasons or campaigns. It doesn’t compromise on details to save a few pennies. The designers research intensely and experiment passionately to only offer clients creations that they absolutely love. What’s more: Maguire chooses its suppliers very carefully and does not work with brokers, distributors or middlemen. By remaining transparent about costs, factories and its entire process, the brand fosters closes relationships with its clients.


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Visit the boutique La Tournée Éphémère Festival Mode et Design

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April 26 to 29

Thursday to Friday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The boutique is located on the 1st floor of Place de la Cité